SEO, Content Strategy & Blogging

Growing a business relies on having a website that provides information people are seeking, shown in a way that search engine “bots” can index and present to users. Businesses must implement a strong content strategy to build trust, relevance & authority – which continually attracts and converts users.

A comprehensive content strategy includes having good skin (the content) over a strong skeleton (the architecture). Consumers choose companies they know, like and trust. The path to getting there is paved with original, helpful, authentic, and interesting content.

At Harris Web Works, our experienced team can create and implement a customized content marketing strategy suited to your business goals.

Making a Website a Magnet for Users

While the number of visitors matters, attracting the right visitors is really what’s key – those who will act in a way that supports your business. When developing client websites, we focus on conveying their expertise, authority and reliability. We apply these concepts cover the bases:

  1. Make info easy to find; keep content fresh, useful and relevant; include targeted landing pages.
  2. Make it easy for users to act: buy, call, visit, purchase, sign up, share info, etc.
  3. Establish and reinforce branding, i.e., include an About Us page.
  4. Keep the tone professional, welcoming and relatable.
  5. Evaluate analytics regularly and use data to continually evolve.

Landing Pages

Compelling landing pages serve two primary purposes: to organize content for user ease, and to support digital marketing activities. Our experienced team will become familiar with your products and services, create content, make sure it’s leveraged for users to easily find, and monitor how users react to it in terms of time spent on the page, clicking through the site, or taking action. Services include copywriting and graphic design.

See The Role of Landing Pages in a Website.


Having a blog within a website, or as a separate URL, allows a business to share industry insights & expertise, address trends, and provide company updates. Harris Web Works can help you launch and maintain a blog that becomes a resource for people and serves as a key marketing tool. We will set up the blog, identify topics that’ll attract and impress your customers, and ghost-write posts in your voice. The key is to showcase your expertise, which can lead to sharing on social media and possibly going viral!

Ask us what goes into building trust, relevance and authority online. Learn how we can help make your site sharp, relevant, and “magnetic” in the eyes of people and search engines. More traffic, more leads, more conversions.

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