AccuStandard Sells Standard and Custom Chemical Compounds Worldwide

AccuStandard website built by Harris Web Works

AccuStandard is a leading manufacturer of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs), providing many organic, inorganic and petroleum reference standards for chemical analysis to customers around the world. Based in New Haven, CT, their website began as a WordPress site providing information and documents. They evolved to selling products online, with the e-commerce portion of their business built separately in Magento and linked to from the WordPress site. In 2015, company owners and the website team planned a path forward where all content and shopping functionality would live on one Magento website. Also to be included – real-time integration with their well-established and highly customized FileMaker database.

Wanting to work with a local company with whom they could build a collaborative relationship, AccuStandard contacted Harris Web Works (HWW). After several discussions and exploration of HWW’s expertise in Magento programming/administration and database integrations, AccuStandard and HWW teamed up to build the new site. The crux of this project was to merge the WordPress and Magento versions of the website into one seamless website and to help streamline the integration of FileMaker and Magento. Other top objectives were to improve upon the usability, searchability and design of the site.

New Magento Website Aligns with AccuStandard Goals

This project rolled out over several months to address many complex goals for the site:

  • Integrate Magento e-commerce functionality with back-end order-processing systems built and customized in FileMaker
  • Address various product configurations and content properties for thousands of products
  • Create mechanisms for customers to request custom-formulated products, literature and to upload batch orders
  • Streamline customer profile nuances which may include multiple buyers or departments within one business, various purchase order agreements, and unique shipping requirements
  • Handle automatically-generated emails for several website functions, going to customers and internal departments
  • Include security/sign-in requirements for shopping, sharing saved items, and downloading certain documents

Becoming a Digital Partner

Since the new site launched in 2016, HWW and AccuStandard have continued this successful collaboration with focus on continually refining and update the website – and addressing urgent issues that arise. AccuStandard’s internal web-focused team and HWW programmers and project managers are addressing the following goals:

  • Add credit card Tokenization for increased data security
  • Migrate from Magento to Magento 2.0
  • Add a secure portal for distributors to access customized reports and collateral materials
  • Continually refine sorting and shopping options
  • Continually update back-end functions to improve efficiency for internal departments
  • Keep the look and feel of the site current and in-line with the company’s position as a world-class supplier of technological materials

This site has several thousand users each month, with purchases coming in from around the world, 24/7. Through this unique and complex partnership, HWW has been instrumental in helping improve website-related business processes for AccuStandard.

From the website: AccuStandard ships products to over 130 countries and maintains a distributor network in 85 of those countries. Since AccuStandard’s inception the product line has grown to include over 12,000 Reference Standard products and twice that number of special formulations which have been developed for specific customer needs.