Using a content delivery network (CDN) with Magento

A Content Delivery Network, or CDN, can be an integral part of providing an efficient user browsing experience.   The majority of e-commerce websites are image-intensive affairs.  A website with thousands of products, each product containing multiple high-resolution photos often finds itself struggling with the weight of serving those images from its web server.  By offloading those images to a content delivery network we can accomplish several important goals.  The first is to remove load from the web server, allowing for a more responsive browsing experience.  The second is a matter of geography.  CDN’s place copies of image files in locations that are more often than not geographically closer to the user base than the web server.  It may not seem like a big difference in “internet miles” but downloading images from a CDN server in New Jersey when you live in New York provides a faster experience than downloading those images from Oregon or California.  Magento Enterprise comes pre-configured to use a content delivery network.  By utilizing Amazon Web Service’s CDN network (“Cloudfront”), you can increase the browsing speed for your user base and potentially increase conversions and repeat visitors.