Display Advertising

Digital display ads appear on web pages across the top, along the side, or interspersed with content. A user is enticed to click then is directed to a landing page on the advertiser’s website. Display ads on websites are much like ads in print publications. In fact, online ads evolved from print advertising principals regarding above-the-fold, leader-board and big box placement.

Display ads typically appear as a static image, rotating images, or a video. A successful campaign builds brand awareness and compels users to convert or take the desired action. Weaving in advanced research and targeting makes all the difference.

Pricing varies and is generally based on a set budget or number of impressions wanted (CPM – cost per thousand impressions).

Targeting and Retargeting

The key to a successful digital ad campaign is reaching the right audiences – those who are predisposed to wanting the product or service. In the digital world, audience targeting can be quite precise and is the result of proper segmentation. These five areas must be covered when setting up display ads:

  • Demographics – gender, age, education, income. home-ownership
  • Geography – based on where target audiences live or work and the nature of the business advertising
  • Content – what users consume online
  • Interests – specific topics such as sports, travel, theater, etc.
  • Behaviors – how users interact with websites they visit

Then once the consumer has visited and interacted with a site, it’s possible to reach them through retargeting. For example, a user visits a clothing retailer’s site, then goes to a news site. While on the news site, they now see ads for clothing from the retailer’s site. Retargeting is a highly effective way to turn “tire kickers” into customers, because it lets advertisers specifically targeting people who have shown interest in their products or services. The value of retargeting in building brand awareness and trust cannot be over-stated – it’s a must for any display ad campaign.

Display Ad Networks

Ads that appear on websites and social media channels are placed through display networks. These networks have agreements with many websites, giving advertisers the opportunity for their ads to be seen across the web – from major news sites to Facebook & Instagram to stores to a blog about washing dogs! This is an ideal way to prospect for new customers who are likely to be interested in the products or services offered. Instead of waiting for users to search, ads proactively appear on sites where users who may be interested visit.

At Harris Web Works, we work with multiple ad networks to get the most exposure and best results possible for our clients. Every client’s campaign is custom built to leverage the many options offered by each network.

Native Ads

Native ads are informative articles sponsored by an advertiser. These advertorials appear primarily in content-heavy sites and sometimes in social media feeds. The term “native ad” is used because visually these items look as if they are native to the page. When the user clicks, they are led to a page on the advertiser’s website that has corresponding content.

Programmatic Buying

When it comes to buying display or native ad placements, programmatic buying can help advertisers get the most bang-for-the-buck. Programmatic buying uses a complex mix of dynamic real-time bidding, profiling and optimizations to ensure each ad gets the best placement possible.

Contact us to learn how our certified advertising experts can create and implement a customized plan to build awareness, recognition and interest in your products and services.