Digital Marketing

Digital marketing provides unique and cost-effective ways to reach target audiences who may be interested in your products or services. In addition to having a strong & evolving content strategy, online merchants can continually attract new and returning users by using paid advertising and organic search best practices.

The Harris Web Works team provides select digital marketing services as ancillary support for the websites we build and manage. We partner with clients to continually improve their website and handle the following cornerstone marketing activities:

A digital marketing program can generate a game-changing amount of leads, conversions, and data, plus provide insights into audience behaviors and interests that can help you excel against the competition.

Organic and Paid Search – Build Trust, Relevance and Authority

Websites that get strong organic search results achieve this because the business continually adds new content that users (and robots) are searching for, the content is engaging and keeps people on the site, there are inbound & outbound links and info gets shared. To appear on the coveted first 1-2 pages of search results can take time for a new site. Patience and commitment to structuring content with relevant (long-tail) URLs, titles, keywords, meta descriptions, tags, headers, subheads, phrases and term – and making incremental changes over time are critical. Search engines recognize when new content is added so it’s a best-practice to update text & images, add new pages, update the homepage, use landing pages, etc.

By contrast, paid search results come from keyword search campaigns, display advertising, products appearing in shopping feeds, and other evolving paid strategies that must be monitored and tweaked. These campaigns can be set up with keywords including business-specific names & brands and/or industry terms that users typically search (the former aiming to attract users already aware of the company, the latter helping to bring new awareness to the company). Our digital marketing experts use multiple research tools and dashboards to identify popular keywords and set up and monitor campaigns.

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