Integrate NetSuite ERP & Adobe (Magento) eCommerce Systems

Combine Adobe (Magento) world-class commerce functions with powerful NetSuite ERP processes for a complete business system that’s built for growth.

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Custom Cross-Platform Integrations

The digital revolution has made it so businesses must have integrated software systems in order to survive and grow. That’s where we come in. We can integrate legacy ERP systems with a sophisticated Adobe (Magento) ecommerce website to make buying easier for customers and more efficient for staff:

  • Tiered Pricing
  • Customer Group Pricing
  • International Pricing and Shipping
  • Configurable Products
  • Distributed Inventories
  • Matrix Pricing
  • Product Based Shipping Rules
  • Product Based Tax Rules
  • NetSuite and Magento Customization

How SYNC Connection™ Improves Efficiency

Ecommerce to NetSuite Two-Way Data Flow

The Harris Web Works SYNC Connection™ tool can be customized to suit a company’s needs, challenges, and resources. Building a custom connector includes understanding how existing product, customer, and order data is structured, then mapping data to flow to and from the ERP and ecommerce systems. This proven process helps businesses improve the bottom line, manage growth, and scale.

As buyer demands for advanced self-service functionality increases, merchants need a digital foundation that enables continuous improvement. SYNC Connection can help a company settle into a state of perpetual agility – and future-proof their business.

Ask Questions

After many years of building Adobe Commerce (aka Magento) websites and integrating ERP systems such as NetSuite, our team can apply best practices to help your business grow. Ask us how!



Contact us to learn how a well-built Adobe (Magento) commerce website can improve operational efficiency, serve customers better, and increase revenue.
~ Matt Harris