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WooCommerce stands out as an ecommerce plugin for WordPress, providing businesses the flexibility to have a premier Content Management System (CMS) along with an ecommerce store. It’s particularly beneficial for small to medium-sized enterprises looking for a cost-effective solution with extensive customization options.

We can transform your WordPress corporate or service website to an ecommerce platform by seamlessly adding the WooCommerce plug-in to the existing site. Our expertise will enable the smooth rollout of ecommerce functionality and facilitate efficient management of the store. Ask us what makes WooCommerce the right ecommerce solution for many businesses.

Why Choose Harris Web Works for WooCommerce Website Development?

Our dedicated team will build and optimize a high-performing WooCommerce site, tailored for your immediate needs and long-term goals. As part of the WordPress open source ecosystem, WooCommerce is an ideal option for many businesses who are entering the world of online selling. Harris Web Works provides all planning, development, and management support for WooCommerce website development and support.

The site will allow for comprehensive functionality and design adaptability, enabling businesses to optimize their ecommerce presence efficiently, with the following in-demand base functionality:

  1. Custom Development: Tailored solutions for a unique brand experience.
  2. Ecommerce Features: Robust catalog, secure payments, and smooth checkout.
  3. Responsive Design: Mobile-friendly for optimal user experience.
  4. Plugin Integration: Enhance functionality with relevant plugins.
  5. UX Optimization: User-centric design principles for satisfaction.
  6. SEO Implementation: Improve visibility with SEO best practices.
  7. Maintenance and Support: Ongoing upkeep for optimal performance.
  8. Scalability Planning: Designed to grow with evolving business needs.
  9. Data Migration: Smooth transition with data integrity.

WooCommerce lets B2B companies who have a WordPress site and sell via sales reps, phone calls or other traditional methods, start selling from the website – without having to build a new site from scratch. Similarly, businesses wanting a platform that offers blog functionality and ecommerce out-of-the box find that a WordPress-WooCommerce site fits the bill. For example, our client Kitchen Brains started with a content-heavy WordPress site to which we added WooCommerce as the ideal solution for their first foray into selling their commercial kitchen products online.

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