Multi-Region Websites: Geolocation for eCommerce

In the last decade, ecommerce has evolved into a global business for many companies. While many ecommerce sales may come from one country or region, the impact of international visitors is undeniably growing as people around the world become more comfortable with shopping online and internet providers continually improve speed and uptime.

Your website is fast and convenient when served within your country, but this may not be the case for users in other parts of the world. Sheer geographic distance from the hosting base, natural obstacles such as oceans and mountains, and unreliable inter-region access can cause a sub-par browsing experience for faraway users.

Deploying a global hosting solution enables your site to work as fast on other continents as it does in North America. The reason to do this is simple: sales conversions and repeat visitors increase as website responsiveness increases.

The Harris Web Works geolocated hosting solution can be set up to target the regions most important to your business to provide faster, more reliable use for customers around the world. Our custom-designed geolocation architecture is built on Amazon Web Service’s platform and implemented by our Amazon Web Services Solutions Architect and Magento-Certified programming team.  Critical features and functions include:

  • Ability to expand into regions worldwide (13 and counting)
  • Only one administrative interface needed to update website in all regions
  • Utilizes Amazon’s Route 53 DNS services – browsers automatically route user to the nearest geographic region for speediest performance
  • Protects against downtime – if there’s an outage in one region, users are routed to the next closest region, without interruption

See hosting configuration options, including overview of multi-region network set up.

Geolocated hosting will give your customers a world-class browsing experience, making your website much faster and easier to use than other sites – a clear sign of a top-notch site.