Hosting a Magento Website on the Amazon Cloud

If your online store is built in industry-leading Magento, it should have hosting that provides optimal performance. Enter cloud-based Amazon Web Services (AWS), the most reliable, flexible and fastest hosting platform available, known for providing excellent service to internet users around the world.

When a Magento store is supported by Amazon’s hosting platform, the result is a website with the strongest framework possible – for a superior user experience and excellent growth potential.

Aligning the website with the appropriate level of hosting requires in-depth knowledge of both Magento and AWS. At Harris Web Works, our dedicated programming team members have achieved Amazon Web Services Certified Solutions Architect and Magento-Certified Front End Developer status. 

Benefits of AWS for Magento Sites

In their years of experience, our team has honed best practices for setting up a Magento ecommerce site with AWS. Implementing these concepts helps sites operate at peak performance to provide the following advantages over other sites: 

  • Speed and uptime – the site will be fast and responsive with 99.9% uptime
  • Flexibility and scalability – as your ecommerce store grows, it’ll be a smooth process to add additional functionality, system integrations and regional servers (see global deployment with multi-region server)
  • Added value – investing in AWS hosting gives businesses a superior network and advanced tools

Website development, management and hosting – we partner with you to increase efficiency and help your business grow. Call or email and we’re here to help! See Managed Hosting and Configuration Options.

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