Harris Web Works Becomes a NetSuite Solutions Provider

Leading CT Ecommerce agency offering NetSuite services to meet the growing demand for cloud ERP

Woodbridge, CT—Nov.29—Harris Web Works became an official NetSuite Solutions Provider on October 15, 2021, announcing they will be adding NetSuite ERP services along with their existing ecommerce services, which enables business owners with ecommerce websites to automate core business processes and provide them real-time operational visibility. 

“We have been working with our Magento clients to keep their business responsive across sales, operations, finance, human resources, and providing technology solutions for their business for decades,” said Matthew Harris, President, Harris Web Works. “By becoming a NetSuite Solutions Partner, we will be able to extend our commitment to customers in helping them deploy the best-in-class ERP technology so that they can gain better operational visibility while growing their business.” 

As a NetSuite Solution Partner, Harris Web Works will be able to leverage their certified Magento experience with NetSuite to promote, implement, and tailor NetSuite ERP to clients in wholesale, distribution, and manufacturing industries. 

 “Now that Harris Web Works is an official NetSuite Solution Partner, we can provide clients an ERP solution that is built on industry-leading practices while incorporating existing business methodologies that are unique to each company,” said Harris.

About NetSuite Solutions Provider Program

The NetSuite Solution Provider Program allows partners to leverage every aspect of NetSuite including ERP, inventory management, and CRM for ecommerce websites built with Magento. As a NetSuite Solution Provider, Harris Web Works has access to strategic planning resources, ongoing virtual training across various business functional areas, and best practices for proper NetSuite implementation.

“Our goal as a NetSuite Solutions Provider is to help businesses spend less time-solving technology issues and more time growing their business,” said Harris. 


About Harris Web Works

Harris Web Works provides website development, administration, and hosting services for commerce and corporate businesses. As Magento Solution partner, they provide all the support services for B2B and B2C ecommerce website development: strategy, programming, design, hosting, administration, content development, and marketing.

The Harris Web Works team has extensive experience handling complex Magento/NetSuite ERP integrations including sorting through complex layers of data, data charting, and configuring integrations with third-party integrators or with their SYNC Connection tool.

For more information: 

Contact: Matthew Harris
Phone: 203.535.1631
Email: sales@harriswebworks.com


November 29, 2021

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