Magento Open Source Administration & Support

Once your Magento ecommerce website is up and running, employing key strategies will help you get the most from your investment. At Harris Web Works, we apply best practices gleaned from 10+ years of working with Magento – to help your online business grow. In addition to developing your custom Magento website, we can provide strategic consultation, ongoing site management and programming services, hosting, and more.

Applying best practices and knowing system nuances is key to a Magento website’s success. While this robust ecommerce platform can help your business soar, it can be daunting to administer. That’s why we’re here! Our US-based team will administer the site, optimize configurations, update content, and handle any programming needs that may occur.

Magento Administration – Add Content and Features to Stay Relevant

Our comprehensive Magento administration services encompass ongoing support, updates, integration with various shopping channels, and effective marketing strategies. We specialize in adding fresh content and features to your website, ensuring its relevance and appeal. Our expertise extends to integrating your Magento store with prominent platforms like Amazon, enhancing the visibility of your products through strategic product feeds, and capitalizing on seasonal sales opportunities and special promotions to reach a broader audience of potential shoppers.

At Harris Web Works, we’ll help take your Magento ecommerce store to the next level by implementing proven strategies that:

  • Continually boost your site’s visibility
  • Attract more people who’ve expressed interest in your products
  • Optimize performance
  • Leverage powerful SEO tools
  • Provide reliable hosting for your site.

You’ll benefit from our vast experience and proficiency using Magento for a wide range of B2C and B2B retailers. In addition to building and managing sites, we provide Managed Hosting, where we take full responsibility for the upkeep of the website, including server, application, templates and content functionality. We manage all back-end and front-end technologies to keep the site running smoothly, and respond promptly to any issues that may arise.

Whether it’s building a new ecommerce site or updating an existing one, we’ll be your partner for technical, creative, content development, and marketing. Our goal is to anticipate needs and potential pitfalls, and to help keep the site fresh and ahead of the competition. Learn more about the marketing and SEO tools we use to help companies grow and out-perform their competitors.

Complete Support Includes Shopping Feeds

We’ll set up product feeds, helping your products appear at the top of search results pages, alongside similar products offered by other retailers, large and small. This is a crucial part of providing a modern and streamlined shopping experience for customers. Buyers expect to quickly find products matching their search criteria, making search and shopping feed ads an effective way to reach customers. If placement on Google Shopping, Amazon and other shopping channels aligns with your marketing goals, we make it happen!

Let’s discuss maximizing your Magento website.

Learn how you can manage orders, product data, customer information, and accounting processes in one seamless system.