Magento E-Commerce Website Development

If you have an online store – your own website – then you reap the benefits of owning a piece of the internet. You control the store’s content, functionality, branding, and how customers interact with it – plus you can integrate with Amazon, Google Shopping, and other online shopping channels.

Harris Web Works is a Magento Business Partner. We’ve been building Magento websites for over a decade. Our Magento-Certified team will custom design, code, and build your website, and populate it with content provided by you or created with our help.

Building a Successful E-commerce Store

The most successful e-commerce websites give users a great shopping experience, have distinctive design that reinforces branding, are search friendly, and have an efficient content management system (CMS) that accommodates business growth. This is why we use Magento, a flexible and feature-rich platform that we’ve been working with since the early days of e-commerce. Our knowledge covers updating existing sites in versions of Magento 1.x and building new sites in Magento 2.

We can build your site to include these critical components (and more!) using Magento Commerce (formerly Enterprise) or Magento Open Source (formerly Community):

  • Quick loading, easy to navigate and checkout
  • Scalability to easily add products and product lines
  • Efficient and secure transactions using credit cards or other payment methods such as PayPal
  • Drop-ship integration for selling products from other suppliers
  • Database integration to easily update data feeds and upload to shopping channels (Amazon, eBay, BizrateGoogle Shopping, Nextag, Shopzilla, etc.)
  • Integrates well with back-office software for accounting, supply, shipping, etc.
  • Special custom features such as showing shoppers related products

Once the site launches, and ongoing administration is needed to keep it fresh, we can hand this off to you (with training if needed), or our proficient team can handle ongoing updates and maintenance for you.

Why Magento

Websites built in Magento, the world’s most flexible commerce platform, are supremely user-friendly for shoppers and administrators. It suits retailers of all sizes and types,  and enables many specialized shopping functions. Magento is an extremely versatile, robust platform for businesses looking to provide a complete shopping experience and continually grow their business.

In addition – and not to be understated – Magento can be integrated with back-office ERP functions to create a seamless system that extends from buying to order fulfillment, accounting, shipping, and inventory control. If you have many SKUs, complex data, configurable products, and continuous product changes, Magento can handle it and more.

 Magento Sites Built by Harris Web Works

Following are a few examples of websites we’ve built and now manage. View more work here.

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