Updating to Magento 2 Open Source

Harris Web Works is a Certified Magento Business Solution Partner, with years of experience building complex, custom Magento sites for B2C and B2B companies.  We’ll take your store to the next level by migrating it to Magento 2 and leveraging new functionality that improves user experience. This includes assessing which version best suits your business: free Open Source or premium Commerce.

Why partner with Harris Web Works? Because we’ll utilize Magento Open Source and apply custom modifications to create a robust, progressive store. Our services include integrating Magento and NetSuite systemshostingongoing administrationmarketing, and strategizing to continually improve and grow the store. Plus, we’re accessible and easy to work with! Ask us questions.

Make Shopping Easier, Increase Sales

As use of smartphones increase, the highly-responsive Magento 2 framework enables easier mobile shopping, meaning more sales for businesses using the platform.

Magento Open Source is the free version of the platform, available for anyone building an eCommerce store who wants to become a leader in their industry. With custom modifications and extensions, your Magento site can improve business efficiency and provide a better user experience (UI/UX) for customers. Key features of Open Source include:

For those wanting additional features out-of-the-box, Commerce may be the right solution.

When updating a site from Magento 1.x to 2.x, considerations include backwards compatibility, patches, and Magento phasing out 1.x support. We can sort through the intricacies and implement the best solution for your business. Let’s discuss your needs and questions.

Harris Web Works is a Magento Business Solutions Partner, with a team of Magento-Certified developers and administrators. We have over a decade of experience building and managing Magento eCommerce sites, along with the strategic knowledge, technical expertise, hosting, and marketing resources to help your business grow.

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