Upgrade Your Magento 1 Website

Due to Magento discontinuing support for version 1 of the platform, merchants were compelled to either upgrade their website to Magento v2, switch to another platform, or risking the voracity of their site by keeping it on Magento 1. At Harris Web Works, we have spent the last few years helping new and existing clients navigate this decision and making the transition as smooth as possible – so we understand all the issues that go into making a change.

When updating an ecommerce website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 Open Source, Adobe Commerce, or another platform, considerations include backwards compatibility, use of extensions, security patches, much more. We can sort through the intricacies, map out a plan, and implement the best solution for your business.

Upgrading an Existing Magento 1 Website

Many merchants using Magento 1, faced with the sunset of the version, are choosing to upgrade to Magento 2 Open Source or the enterprise version, Adobe Commerce (formerly Magento Enterprise or Magento Commerce post Adobe’s acquisition in 2018). As a Certified Adobe Solution Partner and Magento Business Partner with extensive experience in constructing intricate, custom sites for both B2C and B2B companies, we can elevate your store to the next level by migrating to the best-suited platform. We assess your business needs to determine whether the free Open Source Magento or the enterprise-level Adobe Commerce platform is the best solution to meet your goals.

For merchants experiencing shifts in their business needs that favor a different platform, we can assist in determining the most suitable solution. If BigCommerce, WooCommerce, or Odoo Commerce better fits their needs, we can help them successfully migrate to one of these platforms. Regardless of the new platform chosen, we’ll build a robust, modern site that meets current needs while having the foundation for future growth.

  • BigCommerce Certified Partner

Why choose Harris Web Works?

Our specialized proficiency in seamlessly integrating ecommerce platforms with a company’s ERP system or other business platforms (such as PIM, DAM, CRM, marketing, and more) ensures comprehensive support, regardless of the chosen platform. See how integrations can create seamless digital systems in our article Redefining Business Landscapes with Tech Stack Upgrades.

We’ll utilize the Magento Open Source platform  and apply custom modifications to create a robust, progressive store. Our services include integrating Magento eCommerce and NetSuite ERP systemshostingongoing administrationmarketing, and strategizing to continually improve and grow the store. Plus, we’re accessible and easy to work with! Ask us questions.

Harris Web Works is an Adobe Solutions Partner, with a team of Magento-Certified developers and administrators. We have over 20 years of experience building and managing Magento eCommerce sites, along with the strategic knowledge, technical expertise, hosting, and marketing resources to help your business grow.

We’ll implement the most current technologies to make your site an industry leader. Our services include integrating Magento and ERP systems, hosting, ongoing administration, marketing, and strategizing to continually improve and grow the store. Plus, we’re accessible and easy to work with, just ask our clients (references provided upon request).

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