Integrating Magento with an ERP System

Streamline Business Processes to Accommodate Growth

ERP business management software helps companies manage and unify all aspects of the business including inventory, distribution, product planning, shipping, human capital management, sales, and marketing. It is impractical to manually enter complex data across various platforms. Integrating an ERP system with a Magento-powered e-commerce website is key to helping business owners and managers seamlessly and efficiently coordinate operations with online and offline sales.

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Benefits for Small- to Mid-Sized Businesses

Integrating to an ERP can improve the scalability of your business, increase business efficiencies, save time and labor, and reduce human error. ERP platforms are comprehensive systems. They essentially become the backbone from which your company monitors and relays important business and manufacturing data and activities along the supply chain. The right ERP, properly integrated with Magento, helps your business run leaner, collaborate more effectively, and increase profitability. Benefits to business owners include:

  • Better planning processes and scheduling
  • Streamlined processes and less downtime
  • Expedited shipping and delivery
  • Improved efficiency with communication and data collection
  • Centralized, up-to-date, consistent data
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Improved security

Integrating an ERP with Magento

The Harris Web Works team is experienced at integrating Magento with ERP systems, including proprietary back office systems that were built using various technologies. Three common Enterprise ERP systems that we implement are Microsoft Dynamics, ASAP, and NetSuite. We also partner with third-party vendors to ensure a smooth transition or integration on complex projects.

While Magento’s application programming interface (API) is exceptionally flexible and versatile to integrate with a wide variety of ERP platforms, the integration can be quite challenging. There are dozens of variables and factors to consider. As certified Magento specialists, we can help sort through your data, consult on the best path forward, and facilitate the integration. Contact us to discuss your integration options and take your e-commerce business to the next level of efficiency.

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