Integrating Magento with an ERP System

NetSuite ERP business management software helps companies manage and unify inventory, order processing, supply chain, human resources, and financial functions. It’s a strong choice for everything except advanced e-commerce needs. The solution is to integrate a robust Magento e-commerce website a company’s NetSuite system for seamless coordination between operations, offline sales and online sales.

Precise integration of NetSuite and Magento functions helps businesses vastly improve efficiency, accuracy, and profits. Achieving a seamless system for all ERP and shopping functions is possible with SYNC Connection, the Harris Web Works tool that factors in each company’s unique needs.

ERP + E-Commerce Efficiency = Growth

Comprehensive ERP platforms automate a wide range of operational processes and have become the backbone of many businesses, while Magento has become the most robust, reliable platform for e-commerce websites. Now, integrating NetSuite and Magento provides numerous benefits that helps businesses grow by leaps & bounds:

  • Better planning processes and scheduling
  • Streamlined processes and less downtime
  • Expedited shipping and delivery
  • Improved efficiency with communication and data collection
  • Centralized, up-to-date, consistent data
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Improved security

Bi-Directional NetSuite Magento Integration

While Magento’s application programming interface (API) is exceptionally flexible and versatile to integrate with a wide variety of ERP platforms, the integration can be quite challenging. There are dozens of variables and factors to consider. The Magento-certified Harris Web Works team handles complex Magento/NetSuite ERP integrations, which includes sorting through many layers of data, charting the best path, and configuring the integration via our SYNC Connection tool or by working with third-party integrators.

Matt Harris gives overview of how SYNC Connection works and what it achieves for businesses:

Contact us to learn how NetSuite ERP & Magento e-commerce integrations can benefit your business with improved efficiency and productivity.

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