NetSuite ERP <> Magento Ecommerce Integrations

NetSuite ERP software unifies inventory, order processing, supply chain, HR, and financial functions, excelling in back-office operations. While it provides an ecommerce platform, many business owners prefer best-in-class Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce* for their ecommerce store. Seamless integration between these systems enables efficient coordination across operations and sales.

Strategic integration of NetSuite and Magento functionalities is key to enhancing business efficiency, accuracy, and profitability. The seamless synchronization of ERP and ecommerce operations is achievable through SYNC Connection, a specialized tool created by Harris Web Works tailored to address the individual needs of each company.

(*Adobe Commerce is built on the foundation of Magento Open Source. Well-established Magento Open Source provides a robust and flexible ecommerce infrastructure. After Adobe acquired Magento in 2018, additional features and capabilities were added to create Adobe Commerce, the powerful enterprise version of the platform.)

Bi-Directional NetSuite-Magento or NetSuite-Adobe Commerce Integration

While Magento’s application programming interface (API) is exceptionally flexible and versatile to integrate with a wide variety of ERP platforms, the integration can be quite challenging. There are dozens of variables and factors to consider. The Magento-certified Harris Web Works team handles complex Magento/NetSuite ERP integrations, which includes sorting through many layers of data, charting the best path, and configuring the integration via our SYNC ConnectionTM tool or by working with third-party integrators.

Comprehensive ERP platforms automate a wide range of operational processes and have become the backbone of many businesses, while Magento/Adobe Commerce has become the most robust, reliable platform for ecommerce websites. Now, integrating NetSuite and Magento provides numerous benefits that helps businesses grow by leaps & bounds:

  • Better planning processes and scheduling
  • Streamlined processes and less downtime
  • Expedited shipping and delivery
  • Improved efficiency with communication and data collection
  • Centralized, up-to-date, consistent data
  • Improved reporting capabilities
  • Improved security

How Harris Web Works Can Boost Your Efficiency

Our owner Matt Harris has been a leader in ecommerce trends for businesses since ecommerce burst onto the business scene. The technology and capabilities have come a long way since those early days. Here Matt provides insights on how the complex process of integrating ERP and ecommerce systems can lead to previously unimagined levels of efficiency and growth. The key is linking systems by using a state-of-the-art connector, such as our custom-created tool, SYNC ConnectionTM.

Real-World Tech Stack

This image depicts the integrated tech stack that we incrementally built for Darter Specialities: (See case study)


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NetSuite & Magento or Adobe Commerce Integrations - Case Studies

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