Scalable Hosting

With the right platforms and strategy, traffic to your website will continually grow and help your business prosper. For ecommerce and content-heavy systems, this growth is a blessing but also presents multiple challenges. At first, you may move your website from a shared hosting environment to a dedicated server environment and that will alleviate the traffic congestion. But over time as you grow, you may find that your web hosting solution needs more than one dedicated server can provide to you. At this point, having access to a truly scalable solution becomes critical.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides access to a suite of tools that allows the web professional to migrate your website to a horizontally scalable solution. In this architecture, one or more web servers and one or more databases are servicing your website traffic with the ability to add an additional server to accommodate demand. Visitors are funneled through a system called a load-balancer that evenly distributes the web traffic to your network of servers. As a  bonus, should any individual web server become available, traffic is redirected to the remaining ones essentially giving you high availability web services. Companies currently experiencing website slowdown because of high traffic can migrate from their existing provider to a scalable solution developed specifically for them.

Our AWS-Certified Solutions Architect and team can plan, implement and manage the right hosting solution for your growing business. Learn more about Managed Hosting, Amazon Cloud Hosting, Hosting Configurations and Options, and Multi-Region Global Hosting.