Integrate Magento and NetSuite to Streamline Your Business

Harris Web Works can fully integrate your NetSuite ERP system with your new or existing Magento eCommerce site. Imagine the efficiency of having a best-in-class system that seamlessly handles ecommerce purchases, order & inventory management, fulfillment, and accounting processes.

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Increase Revenue and Efficiency

Why Integrate
Magento with NetSuite?

NetSuite ERP business management software helps companies manage and unify inventory, order processing, supply chain, human resources, and financial functions. It’s a strong choice for everything except advanced eCommerce needs.

The solution is to integrate a robust Magento eCommerce website with your company’s NetSuite system for seamless coordination between operations, offline sales and online sales.

What differentiates
SYNC Connection™
from other connectors?

SYNC Connection™ can be customized to meet each company’s needs for their integrated NetSuite-Magento system. Unlike “one size fits all” connectors, every installation of SYNC Connection™ 2-way communicator is tailored to fit specific business needs.

Benefits of SYNC Connection & Magento

  • Improved sales performance
  • Reduced order processing times
  • Improved SEO
  • Infinite custom functions
  • Improved B2B functionality
  • Stable & scalable

How it Works

SYNC Connection consists of 3 components:

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“We have been very impressed with HWW. They have enabled us to significantly improve our web presence. Creative thinking, as well as direct, clear and precise strategies have not only put our company in a positive light on the internet, but also allowed us to use our web presence as a comprehensive sales tool when speaking with current and prospective customers. They are consistently on time, reliable and professional. For those reasons, HWW has been our digital service provider of choice for years!”

Peter Gavin

President, Polylok, Inc. and Zabel Environmental

eCommerce Website Design that Gets Results

Successful eCommerce selling is all about reducing barriers and empowering buyers to purchase what they need, when they need it.

At Harris Web Works, we’re experts in Magento development and providing fuel to accelerate sales through your website.

  • High-level web strategy
  • Website development and ongoing support
  • ERP and third-party integrations
  • Custom website design
  • Site administration
  • Desktop & mobile optimization
  • Managed hosting
  • Content creation
  • Feeds to shopping platforms
  • Digital marketing support

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What does an effective eCommerce site look like?

An eCommerce website that gets results is more than visually appealing. Our sites offer features and functionality that truly matter to your customers, including:

  • Secure payment through credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and more
  • Quick load times and easy-to-navigate interfaces, from home page to checkout
  • ERP integrations with accounting, shipping, inventory, and more
  • Integration with third-party supplier selling
  • Custom features to supercharge your site, like advanced portal functionality that empowers customers to use the site more efficiently

Featured Case Studies

Jumpstart Your eCommerce

Seamlessly integrate your Magento eCommerce site with ERP, PIM and other third-party systems.

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Full Integration with Your Business Systems

Custom integrations we’ve handled include:

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