Marketing a business online includes weaving together various elements, including but not limited to having a websitesocial media presence, online advertising, and search engine optimization. Harris Web Works can work with you to address your goals and challenges regarding digital marketing, providing all of the strategic, technical, and tactical work needed to implement an successful ongoing plan.

Quick, Clear, Compelling, and Reliable

Potential and existing customers must be able to quickly find the information they need about your business, understand how it can meet their needs, be interested, and trust you enough to make a purchase (or take other action). Much like the era before online marketing, businesses still reach their audiences by getting involved in the community, whether that be geographic and in person or online, with referrals (good or bad) carrying much weight. Engaging in a relatable manner, follow up, patience, consistency, and monitoring the analytics are all key.

Tactical Approach

With proper planning, content and monitoring, an online marketing program will deliver more leads and produce data to help you continually evolve. Understanding your audience and determining which online marketing channels are most effective for you can make the whole process less daunting and more manageable for businesses of any size. You’ll know how people are viewing your information (via desktop/laptop computer or mobile devices) and audience usage patterns, which is  helpful for building effective content.

There is no single end target, rather it’s a process of ongoing growth and improvement. Technology is always changing and competition can be tough, but with the right strategy and implementation, your company can make the most of your online marketing investment.