Facebook Advertising

Facebook’s popularity as a communications channel used by people worldwide has led to it becoming a powerful tool for businesses. It offers marketing and advertising functions to reach potential customers, while engaging with existing clientele and industry influencers. Businesses can reach large, neatly-targeted audiences based on detailed user data that’s unmatched by any other website.

Advertising on Facebook encompasses creating an ad that elicits viewers to take action simply by clicking. Facebook mainly lets businesses choose between a text or display ad, the former letting you include an image. Ads can be set for clicks to go to the company website or to “like” the company’s Facebook page. Other, more nuanced options are available, and it’s important to choose the best path based on business goals. The business is charged by Facebook only for each click.

If you have little experience using Facebook to promote your business, but you want to play in the arena where your audience hangs out, Harris Web Works (formerly Medium Well) can implement a strategic campaign. We’ll find the best ways to showcase your business’s unique strengths on Facebook, sharing your message with users who are or may be interested in the products or services you offer. This may include advertising plus hosting a business page. Our services include creating Facebook pages, content and ads, defining target audiences, monitoring the budget, adjusting ad parameters as needed, and providing data on actions taken by the audience.

Benefits and Relevance of Facebook Ads

One key benefit is the ability to target who will see the ad(s) by gender, age, location, interests, job, and other demographics. Once ads begin running, modifications can be made to audiences and amount spending as needed, in real-time. This requires monitoring and understanding of what constitutes a successful Facebook advertising campaign. Other important considerations to leverage Facebook as a powerful investment:

  • It’s one of the most used websites and apps in the world, along with Google, showing how far its ads can reach.
  • Businesses that have engaging images do especially well on Facebook, as it’s becoming more focused on showing off beautiful images.
  • Facebook’s user data is indeed the greatest in the world, letting you target an audience more precisely than any other online ad system.
  • Ads increase overall awareness, as even if viewers don’t click on it, just seeing an ad increases awareness. Typically, many thousands of people see a Facebook ad.
  • Facebook users are inclined to engage in and create content, which makes them more likely click, like or share ad content.
  • It’s pricing systems gives a wide range of budget options and flexibility.
  • A remarketing campaign on Facebook can be highly effective.
  • An investment of commitment and diligence are key for a Facebook ad campaign to succeed.

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