Using EDI Systems to Share Magento Data

The EDI system helps exchange of business data in standard electronic format. As the data shared by EDI systems cannot be processed by humans, it requires a standard format to ensure that the data can be read by the computer. With the help of the Magento EDI solution, companies can eliminate the conventional manual processes in an affordable and simple way while also optimizing the entire supply chain.

As a one-stop solution for all your Magento-related needs, Harris Web Works ensures that the integration EDI for Magento is a seamless process that will provide long-term benefits.

Benefits of EDI Systems for Sharing Magento Data

  • Saves more time by eliminating the need to manually process the orders
  • As compared to emails, faxes, postal mails and orders taken on phone, EDI documents are sent much faster
  • The costs associated with paper, reproduction, printing, storage, postage, to retrieval of documents are eliminated with EDI
  • It allows you to maintain the same headcount even when you want to scale your business
  • All the orders that you receive are in a single EDI format
  • Big box retailers requires their trading partners to be EDI compliant and thus, with EDI you can sell your products to such retailers

Common Documents to Sync Between EDI and Magento

  • Purchase order
  • Acknowledgment of purchase order
  • Change in purchase order
  • Acknowledgment of change in purchase order
  • Invoice
  • Functional acknowledgement
  • Routing instruction
  • Activity data of the product
  • Inventory update
  • Remittance advice

By using EDI system to share Magento data, the order will seamlessly move from supply chain to the point of sale to provide the retailers with a number of benefits. As you are already busy with the growth of your ecommerce website, there is no need for you to go back in time and learn a technology which is more than four decades old. If you want to implement EDI solution to automate the manual processes, the best way to do so is to team up with an experienced EDI partner, like Harris Web Works.

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