Combining Magento with NetSuite

The NetSuite enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform is one of the most functional, dynamic, and trusted cloud business management resources available. And Magento is one of the most functional, dynamic, and trusted eCommerce resources available. More than 30,000 organizations entrust their operations with NetSuite software, and the good news is that that fully integrates with Magento. By combining these two best-in-class platforms, a business ends up with one bi-directional system that seamlessly and in real-time handles all ecommerce sales, fulfillment, inventory management, accounting, and shipping. There’s no end to the possibilities for incrementally improving work-flows and efficiency to streamline business operations.

What does NetSuite offer?

NetSuite is a robust and sophisticated, yet extremely scalable system, equipping companies of all sizes and across all every industry with the platform they need to adapt as they grow. With NetSuite, companies to run all major back-office operations and business processes from the cloud; the main benefits of cloud-based software are that it’s easier for administrators to make changes from anywhere, it’s scalable, and the software is continuously kept current for optimal performance.

Some of the key features of NetSuite include:

  • Robust financial management system with real-time insights
  • Streamlined order management
  • End-to-end production manufacturing management
  • Collaborate distribution and supply chain management
  • Real-time, efficient inventory management
  • Optimized procurement process

Why should I combine NetSuite with Magento?

Integrating NetSuite with Magento increases efficiency, improves customer experience, and ultimately, raises the bottom line. Employees will not have to manually enter data across systems, increasing productivity and reducing errors to ultimately save time and money. Capabilities include having advanced logistics, real-time data, and the means to improve delivery times. Streamlining operations in these ways frees up employees to focus on higher value work.

What do I need to consider before integrating both systems?

Integrating Magento with an ERP like NetSuite takes careful planning and implantation. You must first decide which integration approach best fits your business. You will need to find an integration approach that accommodates your budget, goals, and tolerance for the learning curve.

There are three general options from which to choose:

  • Point-to-point connectors
  • Custom developed integration
  • Multichannel integration software

Using the right integration software smooths the ecommerce and ERP integration process, quickly synchronizes data, and simplifies multi-channel ecommerce plans. It is one of the most configurable and robust Magento-NetSuite integration solutions available.

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