Website Development Inclusions (non-eCommerce)

Businesses are finding that having a strong – and unique – online presence is essential. When building a website for a business, we start with WordPress and customize it to create a well-functioning, easy-to-update system.

Our Process & Inclusions

Our website development services start at $15,000 for a custom-designed, custom-programmed WordPress,  website. This includes design, development of the content management system (CMS), programming, content review, launching the site, and post-launch tweaks.

We will work closely with you to understand your goals for the site and incorporate all of the visual and technical needs. The site will be responsive, built in the universally-accepted Bootstrap framework,to look good and function well when viewed on a desktop, laptop, tablet or phone screen. We’ll provide 2 design options, revise per your feedback, plus provide guidance regarding content structure and wording. Once a design is settled upon, we will create a version for mobile viewing.

Websites are built using templates. We create custom templates in order to have control over visual and technical elements of the site. Once a template is built, multiple pages can be created using the same template. We will provide:

Features will include:

Once the site is programmed, we will populate the site with all of the content and images you provide*, coordinate with the hosting service of your choice (us or a third-party hosting provider), test and proof the site – then launch it. Once launched, we include a 2-week grace period for additional tweaks.

Optional Inclusions

We can provide a full range of services to help complete your website:

The above add-on services are billed at $140/hour.


A website as described above can take as little as 6 weeks to complete. Many factors play a role, but in general on our end, we take 1-2 weeks for design, 2 weeks for programming, and 2 weeks to populate content, proof and test.

Harris Web Works can design, code, build, and populate your custom website in WordPress. The result will be a fluid website that’s user-friendly for the visitor and those managing content updates and other functionality. We can also handle copywriting, art, ongoing site management and train you to handle updates. Contact us to find out what may work best for your business.