Why Host Your Magento Store on the Amazon Cloud

A Magento store’s hosting configuration plays a crucial role in its success. When competition across every vertical is as intense as it is, every millisecond counts. Buyers who become impatient with slow shopping processes have many other options at their disposal. eCommerce websites have just a few seconds to attract the customer in a way that inspires them to complete a purchase.

Slow loading can severely affect conversions and make it difficult for a Magento store to rank highly on search engines. The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud is an excellent hosting solution to eliminate this problem and make sure that your Magento store is up and running 24×7.

Advantages of Hosting Magento on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud

  1. Flexibility – the most important advantage of using Amazon AWS is the flexibility it offers. All services offered by AWS perfectly communicate with each other.
  2. Integrations – The platform offers excellent API integration options, allowing the creation of new instances (server), external databases (RDS), storage (NFS) and load balancers on demand. Whether the site needs more memory, server power or space, changing the instance type will settle the issue.
  3. Quick deployment speed – traditional web hosting companies take provision for their services. A new server generally requires 2-4 days and getting more hard drive space or memory is seldom possible as you need to rent servers on a long-term basis.
  4. Testing & backup – With Amazon AWS, you can start testing Magento almost instantly. A Magento site, powered by Amazon hosting, significantly reduces the deployment time. With a single click, you can create a copy of your Amazon instance as a test system or a backup. This can be integral when running promotional events or if you want to update Magento.
  5. Performance – as Amazon invests millions of dollars on its data centers, you can rest assured that your site will stay online. If there is a major outage, capacity could be reduced, but your site will still be online. If such problems occur with standard hosting service providers, it will certainly result in downtime. With almost unlimited bandwidth and storage that has enhanced scaling capabilities and reliability of 99.9%, you’ll be better prepared to take your Magento store to newer heights.

Many consider the pricing cost-effective given the security and features that AWS makes possible, another reason it’s an excellent choice for hosting Magento stores.

If you have additional questions about Magento and AWS, we’re happy to answer them and add more info to this blog post. Contact Us.

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August 11, 2017

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