Your website is central to your online marketing activities, and may even be your biggest marketing tool. Good content, strategically positioned, will help you reach business goals and adapt as the market changes. At Harris Web Works, our experienced team can create and implement a content marketing strategy that’s suited to your business plans, target audiences, budgets and schedules. It will encompass channels that funnel people to your website (social media pages, ads, directories, search engines, etc.). In addition, our team provides professional copy-writing, proofreading and graphic design services.

Good Content Makes Your Website a Magnet for Users

A comprehensive content strategy includes having good skin (the content) over a strong skeleton (the architecture and underlying foundation). People buy from or hire companies they know, like and trust. The content on your website should aid this by being informative, interesting, authentic, and/or entertaining, with a tone that’s welcoming and relatable.

When developing the overall content strategy, we will incorporate these “5 Must-Haves for An Effective Website”, to establish expertise, authority and reliability in your field:

While the number of visitors matters, attracting the right visitors is really what’s key – those who will act in a way that supports your business and return,

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