Now the eCommerce industry standard, Magento 2.x is a big leap forward from earlier versions. In fact, the back-end structural changes are so significant that backwards compatibility with 1.x versions is no longer feasible. Moving to 2.x is becoming more imperative as Magento inches closer to discontinuing support and patches for 1.x versions.

Those preparing for this can either go with Magento 2.x Commerce or Open Source. We outline key differences between them to help business owners choose the platform that best suits their needs and goals. (FYI, the name changes started rolling out during the second half of 2017).

Magento 2.x: Major Improvements in Store Performance

Magento Open Source 2.x, the free edition, includes the performance and features needed to build a robust store from the ground up.
Magento Commerce 2.x, the world’s most flexible commerce platform, is the premium edition, including everything Open Source offers plus additional flexibility and features.

Built-in features of Magento 2.x and subsequent updates include:

Which is Better for Your Business, Open Source or Commerce?

Factors to consider: business size, budget, goals, and technical resources.

In our experience, Magento Open Source 2.x provides everything a business needs to build a successful store. It enables modifying the store and adding Magento extensions to create a custom store. In fact, quite a bit of customization is possible, making this platform practical and effective for businesses of all sizes who have programmers and administrators who can handle development. While Open Source is free of cost to obtain, it’s reasonable to expect there will be costs associated with customizing the store.

Magento Commerce 2.x is designed for large companies looking to become larger. Advanced tools make sites easier, more engaging, and more intuitive to use and manage. Commerce offers everything Open Source has plus additional built-in tools to help increase conversions and create a better shopping experience. It also comes with 24/7 support for developers to tap into as they work on creating special features.

Features exclusive to Commerce include:

While users of Magento 1.X may feel pressured into updating to 2.x, the good news is that doing so will result in a vastly improved site for customers, administrators and business owners. More sales and a growing business ahead!

To learn more about our experience with Magento, see Magento Website Development, Magento Open Source 2.x and Magento Commerce 2.x.

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