Seller of Jeeps, Parts, and Customizations Uses Magento Commerce and NetSuite ERP

Background and Challenges

RubiTrux specializes in selling and customizing Jeeps, plus offers thousands of parts and accessories. Starting in 1997 as a brick & mortar shop in Boone, NC, the internet has helped RubiTrux grow to become one of the foremost Jeep shops in the country. Since launching their own eCommerce site, the business model evolved and they now use digital technology in ways the company founders couldn’t have imagined.

As the site evolved, features, data, and images were added by various developers. By 2019, the Magento site was a patchwork of functionality that made the site sluggish and frustrating for buyers and administrators alike. That’s when RubiTrux found Harris Web Works. We took over handling maintenance, upgrades and hosting of the site in 2019, and almost immediately the site was performing better.

Key Features

  • Customers can select from custom and configured options and attributes to build a cart with exactly what they want for their Jeep.
  • Reviews are critical to business, therefore the site uses the Feefo reviews system, which ties in with marketing and sales campaigns.
  • This image-heavy site uses an extension suite that allows users to view images at various sizes, with crisp resolution and color accuracy.
  • Gift card and wish list functionality aligns with large consumer websites, providing experiences users have come to expect.
  • “Buy Now” quick order functionality allows shoppers to expedite the checkout process.

Process and Results

Once we gained access to the site, several important Magento 2 version updates were performed, as well as a clean-up of extraneous extensions and code. Upon moving the RubiTrux site to the Harris Web Works AWS hosting platform, site speed drastically improved, which caused a noticeable and steady spike in sales.

Displaying high quality images is critical for this site. Several site optimizations were put into place to enable administrators to manage images efficiently, and to provide a premier viewing experience for users – whether they’re using a desktop/laptop computer, tablet, or phone. During the first 2 years of this partnership, many incremental and sophisticated upgrades have been made to accomplish key goals for the business:

  • Make the site a premier, and necessary, destination for Jeep enthusiasts.
  • Facilitate advanced sales transactions and make it easier for buyers to add customizations.
  • Leverage native back-end marketing tools to tie in with advertising campaigns.
  • Improve order-fulfillment processes

2022: New Phase – Upgrade to Adobe Commerce On-Premise and Add Netsuite ERP Integration

Update to this case study in process. In the meantime, contact us if you have any questions.