Those who’ve entered the world of selling via an eCommerce website often ask, “How do I get new and returning customers to visit my site?” The answer is to build an eCommerce marketing plan based on who your customers are and where they spend their time online. Then delve into ways to reach them.

How to Get the Word Out

Leverage Analytics to Grow

A huge advantage of online marketing is that it generates statistics on a website’s traffic patterns. Reviewing the data in your site’s Google Analytics reports can help you align sales numbers to traffic, and continually adjust your online marketing strategies based on what’s showing to be most effective.

In addition to reviewing overall data such as number of visitors, pages visited, and length of time on the site, it’s important to look at more in depth KPIs (key performance indicators). These may include where site traffic comes from (ads, social media, organic, etc.), paths users take through the site (i.e., home page > product page > cart), where users leave (i.e., at the cart, which can indicate a deterrent in the shopping process), and pretty much anything else you may want to measure. These measures can provide critical data for product development, operational, and marketing decisions, and help you continually give customers products & services that keep them coming back.

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