Adobe Commerce Version Upgrade

Harris Web Works is an Adobe Solution Partner (Bronze) and Magento Business Solution Partner with years of experience developing and managing many custom eCommerce websites. As such, we can update your site to the latest version of the Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source platform. Using the same core functionality, either platform offers power, flexibility and potential for virtually endless efficiencies. We’ll start by determining the version what’s best for your business: Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce enterprise.

Why choose Harris Web Works to update your eCommerce website? Because we’ll implement the most current technologies to make your site an industry leader. Our services include integrating Magento and ERP systems, hosting, ongoing administration, marketing, and strategizing to continually improve and grow the store. Plus, we’re accessible and easy to work with! Ask us questions.

When updating a site from Magento 1.x to 2.x, considerations include backwards compatibility, patches, and Magento phasing out 1.x support. We’ll sort through intricacies and implement the best solution for your business. Let’s discuss your needs and questions.

Harris Web Works is a Magento Business Solutions Partner, with a team of Magento-Certified developers and administrators. We have over a decade of experience building and managing Magento ecommerce sites, along with the strategic knowledgetechnical expertisehosting, and marketing resources to help your business grow.

Learn how you can manage orders, product data, customer information, and accounting processes in one seamless system.