Third-Party Integrations

When building websites at Harris Web Works, we can customize and integrate content from third-party sources for news feeds, MLS/IDX data, XML feeds, etc. We can also customize third-party templates to match a company’s main site, for example, a micro-site that shows up on a different domain such as a NASDAQ Investors’ site or a careers site.

The key is that we build and integrate custom templates that enable external content to display with the website’s design, branding, and regulatory requirements – so the entire website appears to the user as one consistent entity.

Our team has vast experience building and integrating custom website designs that work with major third-party platforms, including:

NASDAQ and Thompson-Reuters for corporate Investors and Media pages and sub-pages

Oracle, Taleo and others for corporate Careers and Human Resources pages

CCH, IDX, MLS, Virtuoso and others for industry-specific updates:

Contact us with any technical, logistic, design or security questions pertaining to feed integrations.