Combining website data and templates with ERP, CRM and 3rd Party Platforms

When building websites at Harris Web Works, we can customize and integrate content from third-party sources for news feeds, MLS/IDX data, XML feeds, etc. We can also customize third-party templates to match a company’s main site, for example, a micro-site that shows up on a different domain such as a NASDAQ Investors’ site or a careers site.

Integrations are mostly of 2 types, data integrations and templates integrations.

For templates integrations, the key is that we build and integrate custom templates that enable external content to display with the website’s design, branding, and regulatory requirements – so the entire website appears to the user as one consistent entity.

Data integrations are typically done via an application program interface (API) but can also be achieved via manual transport, FTP file exchange and/or other custom techniques. We have had success connecting the websites we biuld with a variety of data transfers and integrations. (See Integrating Magento with an ERP System – Also see NetSuite to Magneto Connector)

Our team has vast experience integrating websites with the following third-party platforms:

NASDAQ and Thompson-Reuters for corporate Investors and Media pages and sub-pages

Oracle, Taleo and others for corporate Careers and Human Resources pages

CCH, IDX, MLS, Virtuoso and others for industry-specific updates:

Contact us with any technical, logistic, design or security questions pertaining to feed integrations.