Boat Locker

Magento Open Source Site with ERP and POS Store

Boat Looker Magento Website Development Case Study

Launched in 1957, sailboat dealership The Boat Locker entered its 7th decade by transforming how they do business. The owner moved the company to a large visitor-friendly showroom in Bridgeport, CT and dove into the digital world with an eCommerce website that sells everything from small parts to premier sailboats, kayaks, and catamarans, along with boating and water sports apparel. was built in Magento 2 and set sail into competitive waters dominated by a small number of retailers. However, with a strong reputation, loyal customer base, and shopping options that meet the demands of today’s buyers, Boat Locker is poised for success in the digital era.

Harris Web Works inherited from another developer as Boat Locker’s owner was unhappy with the level of service that agency was providing post-launch. Although the site was new, it  was sluggish, in need of updates, and not operating at peak performance. When Harris Web Works took over the site in 2018, the first order of business was to move it to the Amazon Web Service (AWS) hosting platform. Since then, the HWW team has performed routine maintenance, cleaned up issues, implemented version updates, provided administrative support, and consulted on marketing strategies.

ERP and POS updates coming soon. In the meantime, contact usContact Us for details.