Idera Pharmaceuticals

Biopharmaceutical Company WordPress Site with HIPAA-Compliant Integrations

Idera Pharmaceuticals is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company focused on advancing RNA-based treatments for people with cancer and rare diseases. Idera has its own website due to unique branding, design, and user needs.

Harris Web Works built this website in conjunction with Fox + Gazelle communications agency, who designed the site.

Overview of work handled by Harris Web Works:

  • Built website in WordPress Content Management System (CMS)
  • Created a mechanism for sharing information about clinical trials
  • Customized form submissions for iContact integration
  • Set up HIPAA-compliant data collection and integration with LuxSci
  • Handle ongoing content and functionality updates
  • Create and send e-blasts

In addition to building the site and managing ongoing content updates, HWW also provides advanced hosting service:

  • Set up and manage enterprise level cloud hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) datacenter network
  • Best-in-class hosting provides optimal redundancy, uptime and performance
  • Hosting continually monitored and backed up for maximum stability and continuity of service
  • Engineering, development and support by AWS certified technicians

NOTE: As of 2023, Idera has been purchased by another company and no longer exists as a stand-alone site.